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Andy Stewart

Merry Christmas!?

Merry Christmas!?

The time of year when we splash out on some of the biggest buys of the year.

The latest technology and other gifts, wrapped up, teasing and tempting the whole family.

The festive fun brings warmth and friendliness to the home. So much that we forget the festive cheer is not shared by all, and the temptation is also infectious to those with ill-intent. 

The ONS (Office for National Statistics) states that domestic burglary is 1.14 times more likely during the winter months than throughout the summer, and this increases to 1.85 times more likely over the Christmas period. Opportunities present themselves in every street, with enormous potential through each and every window, and it’s not only Christmas time that ignites an ill hearted desire.

The less commonly celebrated ‘Blue Monday’ in January leaves people to suffer from an unsuspected financial deficit after the antecedent months. Barely touched gifts still lay on display that could provide that little extra cash to see January through to the following year.

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