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Merry Christmas!?

community protection south west christmasThe time of year when we splash out on some of the biggest buys of the year.

The latest technology and other gifts, wrapped up, teasing and tempting the whole family.

The festive fun brings warmth and friendliness to the home. So much that we forget the festive cheer is not shared by all, and the temptation is also infectious to those with ill-intent. 

The ONS (Office for National Statistics) states that domestic burglary is 1.14 times more likely during the winter months than throughout the summer, and this increases to 1.85 times more likely over the Christmas period. Opportunities present themselves in every street, with enormous potential through each and every window, and it’s not only Christmas time that ignites an ill hearted desire.

The less commonly celebrated ‘Blue Monday’ in January leaves people to suffer from an unsuspected financial deficit after the antecedent months. Barely touched gifts still lay on display that could provide that little extra cash to see January through to the following year.

Keeping your home secure is essential during December and January, so follow some advice on the best way to ensure your house is as safe as possible.


1) Locking all windows and doors – Checking your whole house before you leave is an essential and highly recommended habit.

2) Notifying your neighbours if you're planning on going away – Make sure someone is aware that are away so that they can note any suspicious activity.

3) Keeping presents out of view – Although it seems obvious, many people don’t realise how vulnerable their presents are when in the view of the window. Don’t forget that Christmas trees act as a huge sign post for a display of an abundance of brand new expensive presents. Expensive and valuable presents should be locked away, out of sight until they are needed.

4) Empty boxes under the tree – Consider wrapping a few empty boxes for under the tree. It means that there is no expensive haul for opportunists.

5) Cautious disposal of wrapping paper – It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that a mountain of wrapping paper in the rubbish after Christmas could hint that many expensive gifts can be found within the house.

6) Being wary of cold callers – What may seem to be a harmless salesman trying to earn his keep for the family before Christmas, could actually be a potential threat. Don't underestimate the ability of burglars to pre-examine a potential target.

7) Light timers – These are a great way of giving the impression that somebody is home, so that your house doesn’t look vacant and empty on cold, dark wintery nights.

For any additional information or advice, do not hesitate to contact us from here or on 0333 335 0522.

Don't let one humbug spoil your Christmas.