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For home owners,
the two things most important to us all are our family, and our property. We all generally underestimate risk and prevention and overstate regretful protection south west key safe

We will safeguard a set of your keys, unmarked in a local key vault, ready for when the need arises to respond to any spontaneous situation at your home.

If you lose your keys we are a call away from helping you back into your property, and if necessary assist you with changing the locks.

We can also be on hand to allow access to contractors or tradesmen for pre-arranged work to be carried out safely and with no disruption to you.

Alarm Response

An alarm installation with a dedicated response is significant in the process of total protection. The Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) will let you know when your alarm has been activated*. But who will respond?
*Please note that you must have either a monitored intruder alarm or auto-dialler system to receive this service.

Community Protection – SW provide a prompt, professional and safe response so you avoid any disruption and inconvenience.

Community protection south west alarm response

Firstly, we will attempt to establish remotely whether the alarm has been triggered accidentally, saving you the cost of unnecessary call outs.
A pre-agreed code word would be required if no attendance is requested (in case of potential live incident or hostage situations).
If a response is required, an appropriately vetted Security Industry Accredited (SIA) professional will attend who can identify the trigger and assess whether to call the emergency services or deal spontaneously with the situation. In the case of a break in, flood or fire we can arrange for emergency contractors to come and help secure the site. We will stay, if necessary keeping in direct communication with you, to resolve any situation efficiently and effectively.

A detailed report will follow.

Other Emergency Response

Devon and Cornwall Police offer a Key Holder Details Database, so that in the event of any emergency at your address, community protection south west emergency response accidenta dedicated key holder can be called.

Consider using Community Protection – SW as your dedicated key holder.

This can be beneficial

• If you have a monitored alarm, for incidents which affect your premises but the alarm isn’t activated. Or if the alarm is activated but access to the property is required to fully resolve the situation.

• If you have an audible only alarm and the Police are made aware of an activation, they can contact your recorded key holder.
• Even if your home or business has no alarm at all, if something should happen at your address when you are not there, the Emergency Services will know who to contact to attend.

pdfDevon and Cornwall Police Keyholder Leaflet

Please note, there is no guarantee that the Police will attend any alarm activation immediately. It will be determined by current demand, resources and priorities at the time.

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